Supreme Court hearing in the case of Intigam Aliyev


On 26 January, the Supreme Court of Azerbaijan will hold a hearing on the cassation appeal of Intigam Aliyev. Supreme Court judge Gulzar Rzayeva will chair the hearing. “Intigam Aliyev will take part in the court process,” said lawyer Shahla Humbatova.

“If the Supreme Court dismiss the appeal, the case will be sent to European Court of Human Rights,” the lawyer added.

On July 21, 2015, Baku Court of Appeal upheld the judgment of the Court of Grave Crimes in the case of Intigam Aliyev.

Strasbourg Bar Association demands immediate release of Intigam Aliyev

UntitledOn December 14th, the Bar Association of Strasbourg issued a letter of appeal demanding immediate and unconditional release of Intigam Aliyev. The letter has been addressed to several international lawyer associations and to the Ambassador of Azerbaijan to France and called to take action and urge Azerbaijani government for immediate and unconditional liberation of lawyer Intigam Aliyev. The letter also emphasized political motives behind his arrest.


PACE President calls for release of Intigam Aliyev


Anne Brasseur, President of Parliamentary Assembly of Council of Europe expressed her concerns about deteriorating health condition of Intigam Aliyev and called for humanitarian release of him.

“Worried about health conditions of and pressure against Intigam Aliyev. Call for humanitarian release and dropping of charges,” she posted on her Twitter page.

Intigam Aliyev receives IBA Human Rights Award 2015


The Award, granted to him in honour of his dedicated fight to uphold human rights and the rule of law in Azerbaijan, was presented by IBA President, David W Rivkin, on the final day of the 2015 IBA Annual Conference, in Vienna Austria. A political prisoner in Azerbaijan, Mr Aliyev was unable to collect the Award in person. His son and daughter travelled to Vienna and collected the Award, on Friday 9 October, on his behalf during the IBA’s Rule of Law Symposium., on Friday 9 October 2015 held on the last day of the IBA Annual Conference in Vienna, Austria.

In a letter read by his son Necmin Kamilsoy, Mr Aliyev said,‘When I heard about this prestigious Award, I felt honour and happiness with sadness at the same time. Today, in my country, my friends, colleagues, conscientious people, are facing prosecutions, pressures, and imprisonments. They deserve this award at least as much as I do. Therefore, I am accepting this award on behalf of them. I share my deep gratitude with the IBA for appreciating my efforts in such a way, as well as with all organisations that nominated me for this award.’

Upon presenting the award IBA President, David W. Rivkin said,‘Mr Aliyev is a courageous and dedicated human rights activist. His case serves as a stark reminder that for individuals across the world, being a lawyer is fraught with challenges and danger. Lawyers play a vital role in promoting justice, human rights and upholding the rule of law, both at home and abroad. Mr Aliyev’s determination and resilience should be an inspiration to all IBA members.’

To read Mr Aliyev’s acceptance letter in full click here. 


CoE Expert Council on NGO Law recalls Intigam Aliyev


The Expert Council on NGO Law of the Conference of INGOs of the Council of Europe meets on 28-29 September in Strasbourg. The council recalled imprisoned expert Intigam Aliyev during the meeting.

“Since July 2015 the Expert Council is proud to have Azerbaijani lawyer Intigam Aliyev as a member. Aliyev has for years been one of the most prominent and responsible Azerbaijani defenders of rights, democracy and law. His country should be proud of his citizen advocacy and activism.

Instead, Aliyev sits in an Azerbaijani jail,  unjustly condemned on spurious charges that mask the authorities’ intention to deprive him and like-minded citizens of their rights and liberty,  deliberately removing them from the public sphere for many years ahead.

The world will not remain indifferent while Aliyev and fellow civic activists remain wrongly incarcerated.   Aliyev is a symbol who will remain alive in our hearts and minds,” said the statement.


Baku Appeals Court upholds prison sentence to Intigam Aliyev

FB_IMG_1424210133145Today Baku Appeal Court dismissed the appeal of the human rights defender Intigam Aliyev and upheld his sentence of imprisonment for 7.5 years.

During the trial, the court rejected all the defense motions, not even allowing Aliyev to sit alongside his lawyers.

Aliyev was imprisoned in a glass cage Aquarium and spoke through a microphone.

However, the presiding judge Mirzali Abbasov cut off the microphone every time when Aliyev expressed criticism of the judicial system of the country.

“In countries with fair trial people are usually grateful to judges at the end of the trial. But I do not dare to do it, because we do not have a judicial system,” said Aliyev and the judge immediately disabled his microphone.

Aliyev expressed his gratitude to all the activists who are in prison, those who continue to struggle for freedom and international human rights activists, who make efforts in support of political prisoners in Azerbaijan.

Aliyev said that under the conditions in which he was placed in the court, when he cannot even speak freely because he is turned off the microphone, he considers an insult for him to give a speech.

He said that Azerbaijan does not have even minimum standards of a fair system of protection of man’s rights.

A large number of civil society activists, journalists and representatives of Western diplomatic missions came to the court. This meeting was held in a small hall and many people could not get into the hall. (

Council of Europe body urges to free Intigam Aliyev

CIFaBs4WsAAB1oCOn 13 July, The President of Conference of International non-governmental organisations (INGOs) – an organ representing civil society of the CoE Member States, addressed a letter to President Ilham Aliyev calling for urgent release of Intigam Aliyev.

“The resolution 2062 (2015) on “Functioning of democratic institutions in Azerbaijan”, adopted by the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe last month requires the release of “all political prisoners, including those who have co-operated with the Parliamentary Assembly”. In view of this document, I call upon you most urgently to use your authority to release Mr Aliyev from imprisonment”, Anna Rurka wrote.

The Conference of INGOs is formed by the 320 international NGOs which enjoy participatory status with the Council of Europe and represents civil society.

Few months after his arrest, Intigam Aliyev was appointed as a member of the Expert Council on NGO Law, one of the organs of the Conference of INGOs of the Council of Europe. His 3-year mandate started on 3 July 2015.